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This week we’ve got a boat load of new exclusives!
Well maybe not a “boat load” but 3 is a lot you guys!!

Anyway,  first up we have out exclusive for the triumphant return of Sex Criminals!  If you haven’t been reading Sex Criminals (what’s wrong with you?!) here’s a great place to start (plus we have the trade of the 1st 5 issues for only $9.99)!
The exclusive is $8 in-store, or get a deal on both covers for only $10!

Our second exclusive this week is for the brand new series The Wicked and the Divine.  We read this one a little while ago and we all instantly fell in love!  If you’re a fan of stuff like Saga, East of West, Deadly Class and the other great creator-owned stuff Image has been doing lately, this is going to be one of your new favorite books.
Each of the two variants is $8, or get both for $15, or get all five covers of #1 for $24.

Both books are available Wednesday at both Cornerstore Comics & Beach Ball Comics!  They will also be available for preorder on our website ( & our ebay store soon!

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day and we’re pretty stoked!
It’s pretty much like comics shop Christmas!  We’ll have tons of free books for you to check out.  We’ll also have some cosplay going on (please feel free to come down in your own costumes too).  And we’ll have My Little Pony artist and our good friend Amy Mebberson coming in to sign.

Don’t miss out!  Store opens early (10am) and the signing starts at 11:30.  Hope to see you all there!!!

Still jazzed over seeing Captain America The Winter Soldier last night/today? Stoked to see it this weekend or for a second time?
Beach Ball Comics & Cornerstore Comics got you covered!  Come check out some great cap merch at both stores from comics to trades to statues to toy to these little dudes pictured above!

Ah yeah!  You guys ready for a great signing heading your way?
Well, you better be!!
Next Thursday (April 11) we’re pleased to launch Lumberjanes, a new series from Boom Studios’ Boom!Box imprint!!
It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gravity Falls and features five buttkicking, rad teenager girls wailing on monsters and solving a mystery with the whole world at stake.
Come meet co-writer NOELLE STEVENSON and co-creator SHANNON WATTERS, at Beach Ball Comics at 5pm!
It’s sure to be super groovy!!!

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. We hear you groaning out there, but hear us out!

Are you looking for love this Valentine’s day? Are you striking out with the ladies or the gentlemen or anything in between? Then we’ve got a deal for you!
This Wednesday (2/12) through Friday (2/14) (or while supplies last) we want to hook you up! 
For just $10 (less than the price of a real date) you can go on a Blind Date With A Book! 
It’s really simple: We’ve got some special eligible books set aside. Take a look, read a little about them, and find the perfect match just for you!
It’s a great chance to experiment and try something new. Maybe you’ll find the book you’ve been searching for all your life; your comic soul mate. What have you got to lose?

And last (for now) but not least, we’ve got one more awesome event for you.
On Wednesday, February 5, at 5pm we’re launching the all new Firefly series: Serenity- Leaves on the Wind at Beach Ball Comics.
We’ll have series artist Georges Jeanty here to celebrate with us and sign for you all.   We’ve been trying to have Georges in for a while now so we’re very excited he’ll be here. 
So bring down your Buffy the Vampire Slayer & your Joker’s Daughter comics and (of course) pick up the new Serenity and we’ll have an awesome time!!

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